Infinity Pools in Melbourne

What is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool or a negative edge pool is defined as a reflecting or swimming pool, which allows the water to flows over one or more edges thereby producing a visual effect of water with no limit. These pools are designed in a way that the edge appears to merge with the sky or the larger body of water.

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Are you thinking of building an Infinity Edge Pool?

These pools are often seen at estates, resorts, and in other luxurious places and they have gained popularity over the past few decades. They are designed with the impression that the pool merges with the landscape of the surrounding. They are even called disappearing edge  or negative edge pools, which shows what they really look like. There are many characteristics of these kinds of pools and one of which is that there is at least one optically invisible or missing edge of the pool. This enables people to see the scenery from a different perspective. Although there are boundaries, the effect of water flowing through this edge produces an effect of water with no boundary. This types of pool showcase the view of its environment is it the cityscape, trees, forest, sky, lake or sea.




Construction of a negative edge pool

From the way it looks, the design and construction of a pool of this kind is not an easy task. At Victoria Pool Builders, Australia, we have a team of professionals that will take note of the extensive architectonic, mechanical and structural details needed. We have all the technologies available to design pools with a disappearing edge for you and our expert pool builders are there to construct these type of pools even in very difficult conditions.

The perfect site for the construction of one of these pools is a sloppy site, which shows an negative effect when viewed from the hill. Professionals understand the placement of this kind of pool that is partially or completely above the ground with a special support, which gives room for this. We, at Victoria Pool Builders, Australia, have designed a unique technology, which makes use of a special type of structure for easy installation of this type of support. No matter the type of site that you have (sloppy, flat or raised ground), this technology can be used to install the pool both above the ground and on the natural ground level. In addition to this, we will be able to install a fiberglass pool on sites, which may seem too difficult or virtually impossible to work on.



Cost breakdown

There are two circulation systems in a properly designed negative edge pool or infinity pool. The design of the edge system is in a way that it will only run when the pool is being used. However, it consists of a circulation system whose function is to take water from the collection trough, sieve it and returns it to the main pool. The other system of a negative edge pool works the same way as a conventional pool, filtration, and heating circulation system. The only difference is that it does not have the ugly conventional skimmers and the water circulates back via the pump through the drain in the pool floor.

In addition to the above, the additional cost of a pool comes mainly from the provision of:

  • The collection channel that acts as a buffer tank
  • The electronic autofill sensor in the collection trough
  • The waterproofing of the collection trough and the weir
  • The large power edge circulation pump and filter and
  • The design of a special edge on the edge of the swimming pool


The automatic level sensor helps to ensure there is enough water in the system to compensate for waves sent over the weir by rainwater and bathers. The cost of a 12 x 6-meter pool is not much but it will be increased when edge filtration system, trough, and autofill are added to it. The additional operating cost of one of these pools comes from the pump needed to run the edge system the extra costs will be incurred from:

  • The power the pump uses
  • The heat required to replace the evaporated water
  • The cost of replacing the heat loss caused by evaporation
  • The cost of the water that is lost from the flow over the weir due to evaporation

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At Victoria Pool Builders, Melbourne, we are a group of professionals available every time to build infinity pools for our clients in several suburbs around Melbourne. We have many automation systems we can install for you that will save you a lot of time and money for not having to manually do the cleaning. To know more about what we do, kindly visit our main office in your area or click here to contact us.


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