Building a Pool in a New Home – What to Know

Building a new house is a big deal. The place where you live is your haven, your refuge, the place that you go to relax when you’ve had a particularly trying day. It’s understandable that you would want to add your favorite features and say goodbye to any things that you don’t like. Looking for a way to upgrade the appeal of your home even further? Why not consider installing a pool? That way, you can relax on a float on Saturday afternoons, get a tan on Sunday morning, and get some exercise on weekday nights! The kids are sure to have a blast, too.


If you are considering building a pool while your home is being built, however, there may be some special considerations that have to be made. We believe that it’s best to have the pool installed before the asphalt and landscaping is put in, but the bulk of the house has been done and the power has been put in. Here’s why:

Building a Pool in a New Home

It’s ideal to install your pool after the power is on, but before the asphalt and landscape processes are done. You will have to keep the pool in position with concrete, covering it with plywood if there is more to be done with regard to the house and the yard.

When a new house is under construction, the process will begin with the exterior before moving into the inside of the house. Oftentimes, quite a few months pass by before the entire house is powered. After the electricity part of the process is completed, it will be time to start installing the pool.

You won’t destroy your brand new landscaping

The reason why it’s best to install the pool before the landscaping is done is that there will be a lot of machinery in the area potentially ruining your garden. There’s no doubt about it – it will look bad! Want to keep your yard in tip-top shape? Don’t bother installing it until the pool is in place.

You’ll have to constantly be covering the pool during construction

Don’t forget that if you want to build the pool before the bulk of construction is done, you’ll have to cover your pool up to keep the construction debris from falling in. Use plywood to keep nails, buckets, cardboard, and screws out of your pool. Trust us – it isn’t easy to get your pool cleaned. You wouldn’t want a handful of nails to rust and stain your brand new pool floor, would you? Keep it covered. Better yet, wait till the house is done so that you don’t have to worry about it!

You’ll have to use concrete to lock the pool in place

Concrete will help to keep the pool in the right position, ensuring that it stays still for longer than a few weeks. A concrete apron will have to be put around the pool to keep it from shifting. In the case that you are building a rectangular pool, you have to be careful that the weight of equipment nearby is not pushing the walls in. This is quite inconvenient if the rest of your home is being built at the same time.

When the House Has to be Built First

There are times when it is necessary to complete the entire house before starting on the pool due to financial reasons. If you have to finish the house and close on the loan before you even start building your pool, this is okay! However, if you are required to wait until the house is closed on, you will have to talk to your contractor and see if they are willing to work with the timeline. A good contractor will be able to shift the timeline, delaying the irrigation and landscaping processes until after your pool is done.


When You Build a Pool After Signing the House Contract

If the person handling the building of your home is also handling the installation of your pool, chances are that they will markup the price. This is particularly true if you add a pool into the plans after only contracting the house. After all, it means that they will be spending a lot more time and energy on your project than they initially anticipated. If you contract another pool company to install your pool, however, then the price that you have settled on with your home builder shouldn’t change, unless they will have to do more work as well.


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